September 7, 2012
Brookings Institution Press
Data Analytics and Web Dashboards in the Classroom
On September 4, Darrell West, Governance Studies vice president and director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, moderated an event discussing new technological methods for evaluating school performance. West champions digital tools, including online analytics and web dashboards, and builds on the work in his most recent book Digital Schools: How Technology can Transform Education.

In Digital Schools, West uses case studies to assess educators’ integration of technology with traditional learning methods. He looks at the potential for real-time student assessment to measure teaching effectiveness and individualize learning through increased digitization.

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Darrell West on Technological Innovation
Applying his digital creativity in a blog forum, Darrell West conducted an experiment with TechDirt to gain insight into how the federal government can promote an innovation economy. West provided an initial list of 96 ideas, which were then voted on, discussed, and added to by blog readers.

In his recent book, The Next Wave: Using Digital Technology to Further Social and Political Innovation, West cites how employing technological innovation can enable organizations to modernize and improve performance. West also argues that digital technology innovation is consistent in many ways with personal and social values; people can deploy digital technology to improve participation and collaboration, and political leaders can work with the private sector to stimulate a flowering of innovation in a variety of policy areas.

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Dov Zakheim on Foreign Policy in Election Season
Dov Zakheim, author of A Vulcan’s Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan, joined Voice of America’s Press Conference USA to discuss his role in the Republican presidential campaign. Zakheim serves as foreign policy and national security advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In A Vulcan’s Tale, Zakheim recounts his previous foreign policy experiences in the Bush administration where he served as comptroller and chief financial officer for the U.S. Department of Defense. His book highlights the critical, but often overlooked, impact of military budgetary allocations during wartime.

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James Ziliak on Hunger and Food Security
In a recent interview with NPR, James P. Ziliak notes that the Great Recession continues to have a negative effect on families’ ability to purchase basic food items. Ziliak, the head of the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky, points to increased food prices as a warning sign for future food security. Similarly, Ziliak joined NPR’s show On Point to discuss food consumption and hunger among seniors.

Ziliak is the editor of Appalachian Legacy: Economic Opportunity after the War on Poverty, which examines how the Appalachian community lives, eats, and works in an impoverished area. Led by Ziliak, prominent economists and demographers address the systemic and seemingly intractable socioeconomic problems within Appalachia.

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